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As part of the Bonaire Cuisine Month program, TCB and a variety of tourism stakeholders hosted a group of four top cuisine influencers on social media on a press visit to the island, May 26-31, 2015. Participants of the group included Stefanie Michaels of AdventureGirl, Kellee Edwards of Kellee Set Go!, Michelle Yam of Michelle Yam Photography and Tara MacIntyre of Caribbean Journal.


The objective of the press trip was to increase the visibility of the variety of culinary product that Bonaire has to offer to their visitors, particularity targeting Twitter and Instagram as two of the top social networks for 2015. This was accomplished via live posting to the writers’ pages about their dining experiences placing Bonaire in front of their extensive networks of followers. As a result of the journalists posting extensively to their large social media followers during their time on island, Bonaire received excellent visibility and was exposed to an audience of over 17.8 million people!


Throughout the week, the group dined at some of Bonaire’s top restaurants, attended Taste of Bonaire and participated in a Bonaire Blond Beer and Cadushy Liqueur tasting. In addition to discovering Bonaire’s gastronomy offerings, the group took on the adventures of diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and touring the North and South sides of the island.


Further, to expand the reach of Bonaire Cuisine Month, TCB-NA created  the #BonaireEats hashtag as the official hashtag for Bonaire Cuisine Month. As a result of including #BonaireEats in TCB’s social media posts, Bonaire was exposed to an audience of 5,508,422 people.


TCB would like to thank all of the Bonaire Cuisine Month sponsors who participated in Bonaire Cuisine Month, and provided complimentary services to the press group.