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TCB-Headquarters invited representatives from their overseas offices in North America, Latin America and Europe to Bonaire to discuss and evaluate their destination marketing plans for 2016. The meetings were held at TCB-Headquarters and at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, August 31 – September 4, 2015.


The overseas representatives and TCB-HQ shared their strategies and will be focusing more on targeted digital marketing with the objective of driving traffic to, and increasing participation from Bonaire’s tourism stakeholders on future projects. The TCB offices are also working on a multi-year marketing plan that will focus on product development that complements the destination’s profile. Programs that can be managed and measured and that allow TCB to generate funds to enable the organization to become more financially self-sufficient.


Over the course of the four days, the group had appointments with the Commissioner of Tourism, Mr. Clark Abraham; Mr. Jurgen Lippinkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of Insel Air; Mr. Michael Nicolaas, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Les Laplace, Chief Operating Officer, of Bonaire International Airport (BIA); Ms. Irene Dingjan and Ms. Debby Rauwers of BONHATA; and Mr. Henk van de Velden and Mr. Quintin Knufof theCentral Bureau of Statistics. During the meetings, TCB was briefed on topics ranging from Bonaire’s airlift and arrival statistics, the plans underway for the airport upgrades, the creation of a CBS generated airport exit survey, furthermore the synergy between TCB and its important stakeholders and other pertinent topics. 


By the end of October TCB will have its 2016 plans and marketing activities ready and in place to be executed after receiving feedback from the private sector and important stakeholders. TCB would like to thank all for their collaboration and is working towards the future of Bonaire’s Tourism Industry.

For more information contact TCB at 717-8322, or email