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Tourism Corporation Bonaire is conducting a diver survey


Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) started this week with the execution of a diver survey. The last time this took place was in 2009; therefore an update is needed in the data. In order to make this possible TCB contacted all the dive shops on Bonaire and surveys are being distributed to them. The duration of the survey will be of two months. The filled out surveys will be picked up from the dive shops bi-weekly.

There is two ways to fill out the survey which is manually and digitally through this link

With the results of the diver survey it will show how the dive market is performing which remains the main attraction for the tourist industry on the island. This will also allow us to better understand our divers and enhance the quality of our diving product and improve our marketing efforts. The survey results will be shared once the final report is complete.

TCB would like to thank the dive shops for their cooperation. For more information please contact TCB at tel: 717-8322 or email