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TCB features a new artist at its Art Gallery


TCB’s reception area is now showcasing its second artist at its gallery exhibition. The gallery showcases local artists that would like to expose their talent, it has had positive reactions form visitors and tourist which get in touch with Bonaire’s artistic side. After exhibiting Bonaire’s portrait painter, Henk Roozendaal as the first artist we now welcome Mónica Liliana Trujillo.

Mónica Liliana Trujillo is a young and talented artist, writer and psychologist living on Bonaire. She dedicates herself to art as an expression of the soul. Her paintings reflect Bonaire’s nature, sunsets, architecture, landscapes in a variety of colors. Her paintings also reflect and invision not just the simple day to day viewing of things.

We invite you to visit Tourism Corporation Bonaire’s reception area located at Kaya Grandi 2 to view these spectacular art pieces of Mrs. Trujillo.  For more information you can contact ML Trujillo B.V. at Tel. 787 0665, or