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TCB conducts successful Pre-Marketings Meeting


Bonaire stakeholders, representatives from TCB’s overseas offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, and management from the TCB Bonaire office participated in a Pre-Marketing Meeting held at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, May 6th and 7th, 2014. The event brought together a mix of tourism sector individuals and organizations to review results from the first quarter and to garner their input into the marketing plan for the destination for the remainder of 2014, and the year ahead.

Tourism stakeholders including hoteliers, dive operators, and a variety of service providers and associations turned out in impressive numbers, demonstrating their commitment to improving and growing Bonaire’s tourism industry. The meeting was opened with a warm welcome from Commissioner Edsel Winklaar, followed by an overview from the Director of Tourism, Mr. Ethsel Pieternella that outlined the current status of Bonaire’s tourism from statistics to forecasts, to plans and activities for the remainder of the year.    

The overseas offices each presented updates on various market segment responsibilities, including the dive product and other group niches, and discussed the results of past programs. Presenters focused on providing private sector stakeholders with key information about increased airlift, emerging markets in South America and Mexico and specific ways in which they could participate in various TCB marketing activities.

In addition to the presentations, attendees were offered sessions that focused on the island’s cruise tourism initiatives, airlift, island-wide programs, eco-adventure activities and growth opportunities in Europe. All attendees were invited to share their opinions and ideas throughout the sessions over the two days of meetings. It was an open forum environment that generated much interaction and engagement.