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Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announces that there will be a change in the 2016 Bonaire cruise ship schedule. Pullmantur Cruises has removed Bonaire from their port of call line up effective December 2015 through November 2016. The Pullmantur Monarch will call to Bonaire from the 22nd September till the 1st December 2015; subsequently Bonaire will be replaced with La Guaira (Venezuela) until the 1st November 2016 when Monarch will return to Bonaire.

According to Pullmantur Cruises, the results of a charter negotiation involving Pullmantur Zenith, and the subsequent relocation of this ship to another part of the Caribbean region; led to the positioning of the Monarch, as the only ship in the Southern Caribbean. The Monarch’s itinerary was altered and the decision was made to substitute Bonaire with La Guairá, by doing this they will be able to leverage the potential in Venezuela, which consist of approximately 350 cabins per cruise versus 10 cabins in Bonaire.  It's clear that Venezuela continues to be a relevant sourcing market for Pullmantur despite instability of the country.  

Pullmantur understands and apologizes for the consequences that this change will provoke in Bonaire; however they could not refuse 30% of their sourcing market. Pullmantur understands that the instability in Venezuela could increase and further changes may become possible.

This as a result has affected the 2016 Cruise Calls and has led that the all year round Cruise Calls minimizing the low season will not be accomplished as primarily indicated. These are unfortunate and unplanned situations that can arise and as a Destination we will continue to value the Pullmantur business relationship as they have included Bonaire in their Itinerary which previously did not exist. Pullmantur Cruises has confirmed that they will resume service to Bonaire in November 2016.

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