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First Quarter 2014 USA passenger arrivals increase with 27.9%


After compiling and analyzing the statistical information obtained via the Bonaire airport arrival data system, TCB can now share the results of the first Quarter of 2014.

The statistics are based on International and Domestic passenger arrivals between January 1st and March 31st, 2014.

Flights from and via Aruba or Curacao are considered “domestic”. International flights constitute those originating from Houston and Newark with United Airlines, from Atlanta with Delta Airlines and from Amsterdam with KLM and Arkefly.


Total USA arrivals for the first quarter of 2014 were 7,871. In 2013 the same period saw a total arrival of 6,154 passengers. This represents an increase of 27.9% compared to the same period in 2013. United Airlines arrivals increased drastically with 68.66%.

The increase in inbound arrivals from the US is tied directly to the incremental capacity on United Airlines. Throughout the month of January, United operated an additional weekly, weekend rotation from Newark while holding Houston at one rotation. In February both gateways had two weekly, weekend rotations. All flights were operated with a 160 seat Boeing 737-800.


Total European arrivals for the first quarter of 2014 saw an increase of 7.19%. Total arrivals were 9,796 compared to 9,139 in 2013.

The increase is partially due to an extra weekly Arke Fly flight. Additionally Bonaire received a lot of exposure in the Dutch media due to the multiple promotional campaigns by TCB and the OLB.

Latin America and Regional:

Although Insel Air arrivals saw an increase of almost 20% in the first quarter, together the Regional Airlines saw a decrease of 8.90% compared to 2013, which is about 2,436 less passengers. In addition Inter-island connections to and from Bonaire are dealing with seat capacity issues. In the first quarter of 2013 DAE and Tiara Air were still operating as opposed to 2014 in which year they have ceased operations. Insel Air and Divi Divi Airlines are the only airlines left dealing with all the regional connection demand. From Latin America, TCB continues to work closely with tour operators and dive centres to produce groups to the island throughout the year.


Overall the arrivals remained flat for the first quarter, due to the diminished seat capacity of the Regional airlines. Total passenger arrivals for the first quarter 2014 amounted to 42,603 compared to 42,665 in 2013. Please view the below chart attached for more details. We predict with caution that 2014 will be closing positively in terms of growth. Projections for the European market it is a 5-10% growth and for North America we expect a 20-25% total growth for 2014.  

Please consider this press release as a preliminary commentary on the arrival statistics. View statistics for more information.