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On Thursday December 15th Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) together with Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) and Bonaire Outreach Foundation organized the 7th “Christmas Holiday Gift Project”. The captain and crew of the cruise ship Carnival Conquest brought 200 gifts that were given to 200 kids on Bonaire. The selection of the children took place under the afterschool program together with Bonaire Outreach Foundation.

The most impressive part this year was that all the 200 kids together with the volunteers went on board of the cruise ship where the whole event was held.

It was a very pleasent morning for the kids on board of the Carnival Conquest. Other than the gifts they received from the cruise ship they also had lunch and there were different activities for them like Kids Disco and a Theatre show about Christmas.

Mr. Maurice Adriaens director of TCB and Mr. Dennis Martines from Bonaire Outreach Foundation welcomed all the kids and thanked the organization of the Carnival Conquest  for this incredible initiative and hope this project can keep taking place in the future.