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Buddy Dive Academy is happy to announce the introduction of a new all-inclusive Instructor Development Course (IDC) package.

The new all-inclusive IDC package offers the IDC course, study materials, dive equipment rental, air/Nitrox and PADI fees. Also included in the package is shared accommodation including breakfast and lunch for 2 weeks at a rate of only $25 per person per night.

Pepe Mastropaolo, PADI Course Director at Buddy Dive Academy is really happy with this new package; “This new package offers our candidates an all-inclusive deal, without any surprising fees afterwards. Due to the on-site shared accommodation for only $25 per person per night we can offer a really interesting and competitive package. Combine this with our 35+ years of experience and there is no reason anymore not to come to Bonaire and Buddy Dive for your IDC!”

The on-site accommodation is not only affordable but also convenient for the candidates; easy access to the dive operation, pool and ocean and at the same time they can experience the atmosphere of a dive operation, their possible future work environment!

The new all-inclusive IDC package can be booked for $2,900 per person and is available as of the next IDC course starting April 28th 2016.