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In January 2015, Tourism Corporation Bonaire’s North American office launched the first Tourism Sponsorship and Co-op Advertising program with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website with over 200 million reviews and 70+ million members. The Bonaire Homepage on TripAdvisor has native advertising information including photos, videos, links to special promotions, hotel packages and events taking place this year on Bonaire.

“It is important for Bonaire to utilize these effective communication tools to connect with today’s travelers and promote the destination to potential visitors,” commented Malinda Hassell, Marketing Manager of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “In addition to reaching travelers through our designated Bonaire Homepage, display banners are loaded on other pages that target destination specific travelers, as a way to generate additional awareness of Bonaire and provide an alternate vacation choice.”

Bonaire’s TripAdvisor campaign has proved to be an important marketing tool for keeping the island “top of mind” among travelers. Within the first quarter of 2015, Bonaire’s overall click-through-rate (CTR) has been above average. Per Google’s benchmark or industry average being .10%, Bonaire as a destination, is at .23% which is two times the annual average. Bonaire’s average bubble rating climbed 2.5% (from 4.43 to 4.44) during the first quarter showing improvement in the private sector travel experience. In terms of the Caribbean, Bonaire ranks above average with a bubble rating of 4.7% above the Caribbean average. Bonaire currently has 23,921 reviews, 258 Bonaire businesses listed and an average 4.45 rating.

Getting into the Bonaire conversation and/or posting reviews and photos from recent visits is simple. Active travelers can go to and search Bonaire in the search bar. Once visitors click on Bonaire, Caribbean, North America they’ll be well on their way to researching and planning their next trip to Bonaire.

TCB would like to thank the 2015 co-op private sector partners: Captain Don’s Habitat, Eden Beach Resort, Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire and Den Laman Condominiums. All of the partners received a cooperative ad package on the Bonaire Homepage which includes a banner and promotional deal listing.

For private sectors who are interested in participating in Bonaire’s 2016 TripAdvisor campaign contact TCB-NA representative Marie Rosa at