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The members of the Bonaire Pavilion donated their furniture and other materials that they used while exhibiting at DEMA Show 2014 to four local charities. The show which took place in Las Vegas, NV from November 19-22, 2014 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year, the Bonaire Pavilion exhibitors decided to take their conservation practices to another level and to bring them from Bonaire to Las Vegas. Rather than discarding the chairs, tables, cabinets, and other items including plants and a printer that were used during the trade show, arrangements were made in advance for a nonprofit organization to pick everything up after the show closed and to deliver it all to their affiliated charities. “By donating all our furniture and accessories to the local nonprofits for their reuse, we are assured that Bonaire left its footprint in the community and most importantly, in a very positive way, said Ethsel Pieternella, Director of Tourism for Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “This is a practice that we intend to duplicate at future trade shows in the USA where possible.” 

The charitable organizations that received the furniture donations work with and serve victims of human trafficking in the Las Vegas area. There are:

Be A Voice The mission of Be A Voice is to bring awareness, training and prevention to combat human trafficking and exploitation of minors. The organization’s vision was birthed during a meeting with the captain of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department when statistics showed that 30% of children sold into prostitution is done so by a family member.

Destiny House

The Destiny House is a free program that was founded to help women who are looking for the opportunity to escape from and reestablish their lives outside of the sex industry (commercial sexual exploitation/sex trafficking). The estate is on over 2 acres of lush landscape and has the capability to house 30 women.

Purple W.I.N.G.S.

Purple W.I.N.G.S.  is an organization devoted solely to help at-risk girls particularly those facing the challenges of: poverty, failing or dropping out of school, promiscuity, the sex-trade industry, sex-trafficking, violence, and other negative traps. They help those facing challenges to ultimately use their personal power to reach their goals and dreams.

The Center 4 Peace

The Center 4 Peace is a place to create future peacemakers and non-violent leaders. The Center for Peace’s mission is to create a safe environment to teach and learn about empowering and peaceful choices for youth and families whose lives have been touched by violence.

The Bonaire exhibitors that participated in this post DEMA Show activity were: Bonaire

Eco Experience; Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Association; Captain Don’s Habitat; Divi Flamingo

Beach Resort & Casino; Sand Dollar Condominium Resort; Dive Friends Bonaire; Den Laman

Condominiums; Tourism Corporation Bonaire; VIP Diving