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Bonaire hosts press trip from Manaus Brazil


Recently a press team from Manaus, Brazil visited Bonaire; they were invited by InselAir. There were journalists from different media, these included tv hosts, journalists from magazines and photographers. The initiative of this trip is that soon InselAir will initiate flights from Curacao to Manaus Brazil.

There was a full day program on Bonaire. It started with a tour on the South side of the island in the morning with Achie Tours and after they departed on Woodwind to Klein Bonaire for a snorkeltrip. After that they had the opportunity to freshen up at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, where they also had a light lunch. They continued after with a tour of the North side of the island, where they visited the Cadushy Distillery to receive information on how it is processed. To end their trip they went to have a typical Bonairean dinner at Posada Para Mira. The same night they departed on an InselAir flight.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire would like to give a special thank you to: Achie Tours, Woodwind, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, Cadushy and Posada Para Mira and a thank you to our tourism partner InselAir for organizing this trip.