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Art Exposition at TCB


Since Monday, June 8, the exposition of art of the two sisters, Riet and Agnes, is officially open. Mozaic art, exposes some twenty pieces at the office of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, located in the Kaya Grandi #2. Admission is free and the exposition is open for the public during opening hours of the office.

The last few weeks were very busy for Riet Sealy and Agnes Joosten as they had to do a lot of last minute things to prepare their first official exposition of mosaic art. Last Friday most work was done and from Monday, June 8, the exposition is open for the public.

Riet Sealy: “It all started more than ten years ago. In 2003 my sister Agnes and I went to Europe to celebrate the 80th birthday of our mother with six other sisters. During that trip we also went to Barcelona. There we got impressed by the art of Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish Catelan architect who is famous for his magnus opem: the Sagrada Familia. In the Parque Guell we all got impressed by his art, using broken ceramics and tiles. Back on Bonaire I went to Curacao where I found a little booklet which informed me about how to learn the art of mosaic in two afternoons. Very soon I discovered that two afternoons were not enough and the next year I flew to the Netherlands to follow a workshop in mosaic. Then I knew more or less about the technique. The inspiration had to come by itself as on an island like Bonaire you really have to improvise. My first “project” was the decoration of the top of an old French wrought iron folding table, those tables and chairs we know from the terraces of French bars and local restaurants. And I continued as I had seen the light. People liked my work and wanted to order projects and buy my work. A table and a color scheme to fit their furniture. But I did not like to work on assignment. It took away the fun and my creativity. Then I decided to start a workshop on Bonaire and five students joined me. One of them was my sister Agnes who also had been in Barcelona.”

Agnes Joosten: “My sister started with that French table in 2004. I really liked her work but I did not have the foggiest clue about how she did it. She started with the table and soon she ornamented benches and seats and sculptures and even a wall in the garden of her house, inspired by the shadow of a tree, created by the light of the sun. So, I joined the workshop and then I was one of the pupils of my sister. Now we are both inspired and infected by the secrets of the mosaics. Sometimes we even work together on one project. She takes over, I take over. The co-operation is very pleasant and informal. We use tiles, shells, wood, mirrors, half marbles, decoration material, mother of pearl. All parts we glue and cement on a surface of wood or stone. This is a kind of “applied art”. Do not ask us about the how or the what. We just like to create this kind of art as the process gives us a feeling of rest, peace and happiness.”

The two sisters appear to be in balance. In balance between the old and the new world, in balance in their lives and in balance with each other.