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A successful second edition of Christmas Shopping Night

Saturday December 17th, 2016 Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organized the second edition of the Christmas Shopping Night which took place in the Wilhelmina Park and throughout Kaya Grandi from 6pm to 10pm.

Kaya Grandi was closed for traffic, which gave everyone present the opportunity to walk around freely and enjoy the last minute shopping in a Christmas atmosphere. In front of Littmans Jewelers Jom Gaiteros performed, a DJ was present at the following three locations in the Wilhelmina Park, at El Mundo and Digicel and in front of TCB’s office there was live music from Krioyo Kids. The shops in Kaya Grandi and as well as in the shopping mall area were open, stands were present in the Wilhelmina Park as well as the ones from Marshe di Playa. Photos were being taken with Santa in the Wilhelmina Park between 6pm and 8pm.

In the Wilhelmina Park there was a raffle, where everyone who participated could win different prizes, the winners were announced at 8.30pm. The collected money was donated to the Bonaire Foodbank, which were also present during the evening for everyone who wanted to make a donation. A special thank you goes to everyone who gave a gift for the raffle. Something that for sure caught everyone present attention was the elderly parade that passed in the Kaya Grandi.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire wants to thank everyone who cooperated with the Christmas Shopping Night. It was a successful evening in the Christmas atmosphere.