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25th annual press conference in San Juan Puerto Rico

From the 5th till 9th of November Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) held their 25th annual FCCA conference. This time it was held in San Juan Puerto Rico. For this event Tourism Corporation Bonaire was represented by Cruise Operations Coordinator Ms. Xenah Cicilia.

During this visit Ms. Cicilia had several fruitful meetings with cruise executives from the different cruise lines. These meetings were important to ensure we maintain the positive relationship we have with the different cruise executives. It was important to discuss the improvements in our piers and new possibilities with the continued growth of the cruise industry in Bonaire. Bonaire scores very high in the different areas and TCB together with all the stakeholders will continue to work together to achieve excellence.

We have busy seasons projected for the upcoming years, we are very happy with the popularity of Bonaire among the cruise lines. However it is important that we plan for the future and make sure that we are able to handle the growth. Growth is important however moderating the growth is very important to ensure continuity.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for the continuous support and we want to thank the community of Bonaire for their cooperation especially in the city center.