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Tourism Corporation Bonaire gives training to MBO students

A total of 24 MBO students of the Leisure & Hospitality program from the 1st,  2nd and 3rd year received a Junior Information Officer Training from Cruise Operations Xenah Cicila of TCB. This training entailed the basic information that information officers give to tourists upon arrival on Bonaire. They were also able to put the theory in practice, by working in the cruise area as information officers.  At the end of the day they received their certificate for Junior Information Officers.

The students also had a career day presentation; where the Harbour Master Mr. Gunther Flanegin; the dispatcher Mr. Felix Cicilia; Marketing Assistant Emilayla Coffi; Tour operator Clay Davelaar and Director of Tourism Mr. Maurice Adriaens, spoke about their roles in tourism, the ins and outs of tourism, the importance of tourism in our community and the different possibilities in tourism. We can conclude that it was an inspirational week with the students of MBO program Leisure & Hospitality.

Special thanks to Vera Toonen, Vanessa Daniel and Digicel Bonaire.

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