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We all know about the current situation that our island and the world is going through. This means that this year; we as Bonaireans won't be able to celebrate 'Dia di Rincon' as we are used to doing. It is sad that after a lot of debate; this would be the first year that this day is considered an official holiday, which meant a day off for all of us to be able to celebrate together. Due to the current situation, we have to apply social distancing and can't come together to 'wapa' in Rincon. The solution that we came up with is to celebrate 'Dia di Rincon' virtually.

The guide group of Blue Destination brainstormed and came up with alternatives to celebrate this day virtually, so that even though we are far from each other, we can still experience this cultural celebration together. We have created a Facebook profile picture frame, this can be used since April 28th, 2020. This will appear automatically, if you have stated that you live on Bonaire, or you can also go on the Facebook page of Bonaire Blue Destination, where you can find this to use. The frame is in the colors of the Rincon flag, wishing your friends a 'Felis Dia di Rincon'.

A challenge has also been created on Facebook. We can all see the different challenges currently on the different social media platforms. The challenge for 'Dia di Rincon' is to record yourself dancing (wapa) at home and upload it to your Facebook page. Once you upload it; you have to nominate your family and friends to also do this challenge. This challenge will be a Bonairean version to the famous viral "don’t rush challenge".

The instructions for this challenge are as follow:

  • Stay home #staysafe
  • Wear something cultural and/or use your Rincon flag
  • Record yourself dancing on the rhythm of “Remailo” or “Kokochá” from one area of your house to the next, for example from your kitchen to your room, from your fence to your house, or from the bathroom to the living room
  • Upload your video, copy and paste this text and tag Bonaire Blue Destination
  • Nominate 5 friends

A lot of people already did this challenge. You can go on the Facebook page of Bonaire Blue Destination and see 'yùfrou Chèmi'; a well known person in Rincon, Shaedra Baromeo; the ex winner of 'Kanto Krioyo', Commissioner Nina den Heyer and also other people doing the challenge.

The most important intention of this initiative is to celebrate 'Dia di Rincon' and demonstrate the union and solidarity during these tough times that we are going through. For more information visit the Facebook page of Bonaire Blue Destination for the instructions on this challenge in Papiamentu, Dutch and English.

Happy Dia di Rincon and stay safe!