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TCB recognized the U-14 team as Bonaire Ambassadors

On Monday August 30 th , Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized the football team U-14 that participated in the Caribbean football union challenge series and won the title in the Dominican Republic as Bonaire Ambassadors.

CEO of TCB, Miles Mercera together with Miss Tourism Bonaire Sunniva Manuel and Commissioner James Kroon welcomed the team back to the island on Monday afternoon at the airport. Every team member and coach received a gold medal and goody bag. The team showed a lot of positive energy and their enthusiasm was contagious.

The team consists of: Sifmar Sint Jago, Amir Winklaar, Jeremy Jimenez, Timothy Richards, Rendrick Martis, Jurion Ascencion, Deyon Martijn, Milan Blanken, Rhiordan Piar, Melchi Biante, Corbin Pourier, Noah Martha, Zacaria Lopez, Jaydrien Kopra, Jaydriel Kopra, Jachquis van Horne, Caylen da Silva and Raemian Janga.

Coaches: Jermaine Windster Head Coach, Shahairo Oleana Assistant Coach and Rendel Bernabela Assistant Coach.

Jehan Pourier-Martis Team Manager, Daliza Rozenkrans Massage therapist and Ludwig Balentin Team Head of Delegation.

TCB congratulates the team and the delegation that accompanied them, we are proud of you all for doing a great job in the Dominican Republic and bringing home the trophy, and we wish you the best of luck with representing Bonaire further abroad.