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The reception area of Tourism Corporation Bonaire is converted once again in an art exhibition, this is the 12th time that art is being showcased. The gallery is a showcase for local artists who wish to showcase their artwork. We always receive positive feedback from both tourists as well as locals who visit TCB. After the exhibition of the painter of the artworks “Portraits of Bonaire”, Mr. Henk Roozendaal which was the first artist, followed Mrs. Monica Liliana Trujillo, Mr. Adi Figaroa, Mrs. Riet Sealy and Mrs. Agnes Joosten, Mr. Fransico Uty Melaan, Mrs. Mamita Fox, Miss Virgy Balentin, Mrs. Rosalba Figaroa, Mr. Nochi Coffie, Mrs. Maideline Hooi Martijn, Mrs. Mariela Domacasse Winklaar and now we welcome Mr. Ronald (Tony) Trinidad.

Ronald Trinidad known as Tony liked to draw since he was little. His first drawings were of cartoon figures. This is how he started to watch other figures on TV and in books and started to draw them. The next step he took was to try and draw people. Since he had a little bit of trouble with colors, he decided to take a short course to learn how to mix colors. After this he knew how to paint and started painted faces of people with acrylic paint. And that is where he is now, as long as he is able to paint he will continue to do it. Themes that attract Tony the most to paint is our nature and our culture. Tony would like to thank God for giving him this talent.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire invites everyone to come visit the art gallery located at Kaya Grandi # 2 to admire the gallery of Mr. Ronald (Tony) Trinidad and also to buy his artwork.