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TCB is going to launch its concept of 'Virtual Vacation'

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is going to launch its concept of ‘Virtual Vacation’ on its social media pages.

TCB is aware of the developments of the Coronavirus and its effect on the tourism sector worldwide. Those who had a trip planned to visit Bonaire had to either postpone or even cancel their trip. This is why TCB wants to relive with its past visitors and future visitors; the unforgettable moments that they had experienced in the past or will experience in the future.

This ‘Virtual Vacation’ consists of different videos showing touristic places, activities, culture and highlights of Bonaire, through the eyes of a local guide. The ‘Social Media & Product Development Coordinator’ of TCB, Ms. Cristely Cranston will be the local guide and she will do this with the help of local partners.

This upcoming Friday April 17th, 2020, TCB is going to launch its first edition of ‘Virtual Vacation’, showing the North-West beaches of Bonaire. The ‘Virtual Vacation’ will be launched on the Facebook and Instagram page of ‘Bonaire Tourism’, and on TCB’s YouTube page. TCB plans to post once a week a ‘Virtual Vacation’ video.

Besides that, TCB is posting weekly ‘Quarantine Education’ that consists of words and/or phrases in Papiamentu with the translation in English, recipes, and videos of the ‘Our Values’ project, to keep in touch with its ambassadors and visitors on social media.

TCB wants to remind its visitors to not cancel but postpone their trip. Also, to follow the necessary precautions such as social distancing and activities that will attract agglomeration of people.
For more information follow TCB on the Facebook and Instagram pages ‘Bonaire Tourism’, in Spanish ‘Turismo Bonaire’, and in Dutch ‘BonaireToerisme’, and YouTube page ‘Bonaire Tourism’ and our LinkedIn page ‘Tourism Corporation Bonaire’.

Stay safe and healthy!