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TCB informs its Kids Council; KSLB the advice that will be implemented

Tourism Corporation Bonaire in 2017 joined as one of the organizations to work with a Kids Council. During the past months Group 7 of Kolegio San Luis Betran have been working on the dilemma. They have now concluded with different advice and recommendations for Bonaire’s tourism sector. Dilemma of the group was: ‘’what does tourism mean to the island of Bonaire?”

The group did intensive research in order to come up with possible answers and ideas on how to enhance our tourism sector. They visited the cruise area, TCB office, visited a hotel, talked with stakeholders and the chamber of commerce and even went on board of a cruise ship. This research process gave them valuable insight on how the tourism industry works. During a Dialogue session at the beginning of this year the group presented in a formal presentation its advice and ideas. TCB had the opportunity to review this report internally and went back to inform which advice will be implemented in the short and long term.

Advice that TCB considered was to incorporate more input of children in the tourism sector.  To involve more locals and culture in its product development & promotional material. An awareness campaign to make locals more consciousness on the importance of Tourism and the impacts in our community. Activities in Rincon, scavenger hunts & kids camps.  They also expressed that they would like to see a Zipline. That however would be something more of a long term project. TCB congratulates Group 7 Kolegio San Luis Betran for their dedication, enthusiasm and for delivering so many practical ideas.  The next step is to implement these in phases, we have also requested that the students also be part of some of these projects.  TCB would like to congratulate the Kids Council Coordinators Mrs. Damaly Linkers and her team, we encourage more companies and organizations to have a Kids Council. We truly learned that children see solutions or have ideas to problems quickly, the solutions lay just in front of us.

You can view the video of the TCB Kids Council process on Youtube> Tourism Corporation Bonaire > Raad Van Kinderen click: