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TCB hosted different influencers, bloggers during the month of May

During the month of May, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) in collaboration with Diamond Public Relations welcomed different influencers, bloggers, and international press on the island. Also, eight months after announcing the partnership between TCB and Diamond Public Relations, the team visited Bonaire for the first time.

In the third week of May, TCB in collaboration with Diamond Public Relations Europe welcomed Instagram influencer Jenna de Vries, on the island. Jenna has over 51 thousand followers on her Instagram account ‘JennaSilver_’ and is known for beautifuland almost dreamy images. Her followers are mostly located in USA and Europe. During her stay on the island, Jenna experienced different activities that the island offers such as; exploring caves, visiting the national park and also ride and swim with a horse at Lac Bay. Jenna captured some beautiful images in action. Other than an Instagram influencer, she is also a blogger and will write about her experience on Bonaire in the near future and publish it on her website

During that same week we welcomed two Belgian bloggers. Jens De Maere is a Belgian blogger specialized in the culinary scene and has a blog on the website Yannick De Pauw is also a Belgian blogger specialized in traveling the world. Yannick received recognition for his blog on his website, that has content related to sustainability, adventurous experiences, and also extraordinary photography. During their stay on the island, Jens and Yannick experienced different activities such as Jeep Safari tour through our national park and a culinary tour where they experienced different restaurants and food trucks. Follow Jens and Yannick on their Instagram pages ‘belgianwino’ and ‘somsookheimwee’ to see all the images of their stay on the island.

Also in that same week, TCB in collaboration with Diamond Public Relations Europe and KLM welcomed two bloggers from Poland. Ewa Chojnowaska-Lesiak and Martyna Chomacka, has their blog on the website, and is in the top 10 blogs of Poland, with more than 16 thousand monthly readers. During their stay on the island, Ewa and Martyna captured various images at different locations around the island, and posted different stories on their Instagram page ‘szpilkiwplecaku’. The collaboration between TCB and Diamond Public Relations Europe with KLM, derived from the interest of the airline in the potential it sees in the Polish market as a new European market for the islands in the Caribbean including Bonaire.

In the last week of May, TCB welcomed the team of Diamond Public Relations Europe and USA on the island. In November 2020, TCB announced the new partnership with Diamond PR, and after 8 months the team finally had the opportunity to visit the island. During their stay, they had the chance to personally meet with different partners, and also visited different accommodations, hotels, restaurants, and other activities. They had two American press join them on this trip. Alison Fox, is a writer for, which is one of the biggest online platform in the US, with more
than 3 million visitors a month. Eric Barton, is an independent journalist who visited Bonaire to write an article for Explore Florida & The Caribbean, which is an online publication with content based on tourist guide. Both press visited Bonaire for the first time, and fell in love with the island, and with all it has to offer. Both will publish their articles based on their experiences on Bonaire in the near future.

For the month of June, TCB and Diamond Public Relations Europe and USA will continue with hosting well known press to the island such as; Duiken Magazine and , National Geographic Traveler Nederland, De Telegraaf, Margriet Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

TCB would like to thank all the partners that collaborated in showing the best they have to offer and who contributed to an unforgettable experience for the influencers, bloggers, press and the Diamond Public Relations team.