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TCB announces that the Taste of Bonaire event of April 3rd is canceled

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announces to the community of Bonaire that the decision was made to cancel the next event of Taste of Bonaire. The decision is based on the developments around the Covid-19 virus and also considering the measures taken by the Governor. The Taste of Bonaire event that is being canceled was suppose to take place on April 3rd, 2020.

The next Taste of Bonaire events that are on schedule, will be pending and will continue depending on the developments around the current situation and the measures take by the Governor.

At the same time TCB wants to announce that the cultural group, ‘TCB & Friends Culture Group’ that should be presenting in the 'Simadan parade' of 'Dia di Rincon 2020' will be postponing their participation for this year. The preparations for next year will be in full effect to participate in the biggest cultural festival of Bonaire 'Dia di Rincon 2021'.

TCB will keep focusing on planning activities and cultural events and to emphasize and promote the importance for our visitors to get to know our food, culture and our people up close. We encourage business owners that participate at the Taste of Bonaire to stay pending for any updates.

Marketing Manager, Mrs. Derchlien Vrolijk elaborated on this announcement; “TCB takes solidarity with the current situation and emphasizes that it's very important for each responsible citizen of Bonaire to follow the measures taken by the Governor. Take the necessary precautions to avoid activities that can create agglomerations of people. Please remember to maintain ‘social-distancing’ with 1.5 meter of distance from each other to avoid direct contact with someone who might have the virus. Together we will keep preventing the spread of the virus.

We thank the community of Bonaire, business owners, participants and partners that take part in each activity and event of Taste of Bonaire.

You can follow the Facebook page 'Tourism Corporation Bonaire' for more information.
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For more information please contact Angelo Domacasse at TCB 717 8322 email