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TCB and Local Championship winning Windsurfers join forces

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is proud to announce our long-term joint partnership and marketing agreement with our local award-winning windsurfers Amado Vrieswijk, Elton ‘Taty’ Frans, and Youp Schmit.

On Friday December 17th, 2021 the TCB sealed the deal with the three professional athletes, who are recognized as Bonaire Ambassadors at The Frans Paradise. On behalf of TCB, CEO, Miles Mercera announced the intention and vision in the execution of this marketing agreement with each windsurfer.

Miles shared that “this is the beginning of a great new chapter for Bonaire. We are grateful for the work and commitment of our local professional windsurfers who take on the world as a professional athlete but at the same time share a piece of what Bonaire is all about. A sportive and creative community that we all should be proud of and we are convinced that we can share this message with all new potential visitors around the world as Taty, Amado and Youp continue to raise the bar and put Bonaire on the map as a windsurfers (sport) paradise.”

TCB looks forward to a fruitful partnership and will continue to support our talented youngsters on Bonaire with dreams and actions that will inspire the world.

According to World Champion, Amado Vrieswijk, “I am super excited and happy with the support and look forward to the collaboration” and in the words of Taty Frans “Sometimes you can’t explain feelings, I feel fear, honored, special, excited and happy all at the same time, this new joint/adventure with TCB is a great thing and I believe it will all be for the best. Bonaire is such a great and tranquille island and we need to represent it all over the world. I am thankful and let the journey begin.” The ambassadors are very happy for this mutually beneficial opportunity and are excited for the many activities scheduled in 2022.