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TCB & local/international artist Ir Sais join forces

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is proud to announce our long-term joint Collaboration and Marketing Agreement with local artist and international star Irgwin Sluis better known as Ir Sais.

On Tuesday February 8th, 2022 TCB signed the Marketing Agreement with local artist Ir Sais, and also recognized him as a Bonaire Ambassador. The agreement signed is a sustainable long-term collaboration with the purpose to promote the island of Bonaire through music and our local cultural traditions. The signing of the agreement took place at Rancho Gran Chaparal which is an important cultural location on the island.

Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB shared that “We are extremely excited with this collaboration, I personally also see this as a recognition for Ir Sais’ hard work and dedication. Bonaire is proud of his achievements and today marks a new chapter where we can share our local heritage, music and way of life with the world. TCB is currently working on a new rebranding project titled “Repositioning of Bonaire in Harmony with Nature and our People” of which music and our cultural traditions play a key role in our communications efforts.”

Ir Sais also shared “For me it is an honor to collaborate with my island, to receive the recognition for my talent and also be part of the process to give Bonaire exposure.”