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Maskarada - 1st and 4th January 2015


The island is bustling with visitors these holiday weeks, and those who made the trek to spend New Years on Bonaire are in for a treat, as January 1st hearkens the return of the Maskarada (Masqueraders).  On New Year’s Day, as well as Sunday, January 4th, 2015, the Maskarada, made up of a group of musicians and masked characters, will take to the streets of Bonaire!

It’s tradition that the Maskarada begin on New Year’s Day serenading and entertaining Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, but then after that, they will have two full days of visiting families in various neighborhoods of Bonaire.  Those that follow the Maskarada will enjoy the traditional song that always forecasts the masked characters’ arrival.  Then, the colorfully clad characters arrive amid of burst of energy!  While they play out certain skits, not a word is said.  They are fully costumed, so no one knows their identities.  That is, until the end of the day, when they are finally un-masked, and we learn just who has been entertaining us all day!

If you’re on Bonaire, come for one of the performances, or follow the Maskarada all day.  A schedule of their planned performances is available by clicking here (in PDF format).