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Disney Wonder will visit Bonaire

On the 1st of February 2018, Bonaire will welcome for the first time a cruise from the Disney Cruise line. Disney Wonder will visit Bonaire for the first time ever. The Disney cruise line makes it possible for its cruisers to go on a journey with the renowned Disney characters. For the Disney cruise line it is very important for all their customers to have an amazing experience, that is the reason why safety is their priority.

TCB understands that our community is very interested in the visit of this cruise ship. However we must also take in to consideration the safety of our visitors. On this day we will have a designated station for all our locals to send off our visitors. This designated area on the boulevard on the south side in front of Patagonia restaurant. It is not allowed to get in the cruise area with a vehicle, however you will be able to walk to the designated area. TCB cannot promise that we will be able to see the characters, however we want to make sure that all the characters and all the visitors feel welcomed.

It is our responsibility as the people of Bonaire, to give all our visitors the best experience ever. TCB is counting on the community of Bonaire.

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