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Cruise month celebration

On November 24th 2017, Bonaire will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first large cruise ship that visited the island of Bonaire. For TCB this is a great honor to see how far Bonaire has come in this industry. In regards of this great accomplishment TCB and partners will be celebrating the whole month of November. There are series of events planned to commemorate this anniversary and at the same time raise awareness of the importance of the cruise industry for the island of Bonaire. The events taking place in the cruise month are Business sessions, happy hours, community celebration, informative sessions with local students and local TV and radio programs.

TCB is taking the opportunity of this celebration month to raise awareness about the impact of the cruise industry on Bonaire. The cruise tourism is growing fast and Bonaire as a collective has to gain a better understanding of how this industry works, understand what our current status is and to be able to plan the future of this industry on Bonaire.

TCB would like to thank the Cruise Month partners: Digicel, KVK, It Rains Fishes/Coffee Company, Bonaire Explorer Association, Bonaire Tours & Vacations, Bonaire Destination Services, SGB/MBO.

Please follow our Facebook page: for the calendar of events and to stay up to date of all the activities.

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