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Celebration World Tourism Day

Today September 27th, the tourism industry celebrates World Tourism day with the theme 'Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all!' which was chosen by the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO).

This is a day to reflect on the continuous progress of Bonaire’s Tourism Industry. This industry has an enormous impact on our daily life in view that it is so broad; from construction developments to our commitment to preserve and conserve our nature, culture and historical resources. The different job opportunities both directly and indirectly.

Bonaire is a small island which depends on tourism, furthermore tourism is one of the most important pillars in Bonaire's economy. This year we decided to specially make the kids aware, by teaching them what tourism means, the importance of tourism for our island, and show them all the work opportunities in this sector. TCB came up with the project to involve the kids which were the main focus this year by organizing the drawing competition that was for kids in elementary school between groups 3 and 8. The wish for TCB was to motivate the kids to use their creativity in creating a drawing with the theme Bonaire's Tourism . Yesterday the winners were picked and Saturday the prizes will be handed out to the winners during the next Taste of Bonaire which will have as theme Tourism.

TCB would like to congratulate our tourism partners, every person working in this sector, and that are connected to this sector one way or the other, on this year’s World Tourism Day, for their continuous efforts dedication and devotion to our industry.