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Bonaire's Salt Shop and salt pans are featured in the Fall 2017 issue

Entitled “Salt of the Earth,” the article highlights destinations around the world that produce beautiful salt landscapes. A photo of Bonaire’s powder-white crystal salt mounds is showcased in the story. The Salt Shop and Mr. Saltman are mentioned for locally sourcing all the bath and kitchen salt products sold in the store. To view this article visit, and scroll to page 97.

Luxury Magazine is a quarterly publication exclusively for holders of Mastercard’s Luxury Card. Every issue covers a broad range of categories from travel and fashion to home design, real estate and technology.

This article is a direct result of freelance writer/travel blogger Lisa Niver participating in our fall 2016 dive/luxury group press trip. Lisa produced a Bonaire article for Luxury Magazine’s Spring 2017 magazine. Lisa pitched the writer of this story Alexandra Cheney, to include Bonaire’s salt products in her article.