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Bonaire welcomes visitors with traditional Bonaire sounds and rhythm

During the month of September Bonaire celebrates Tourism Month. Our community represents the essence of Bonaire’s tourism and therefore our visitors are welcomed by our sounds of our traditional music and rhythm. A series of events will be organized during the month of September with a focus on sharing the local secrets of our people and our culture.

On September 4 th Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) hosted its first experience at the Flamingo International Airport where arriving passengers were welcomed to the island with music from ‘Ka’i orgel’. Additionally, visitors got to experience and take a picture with our Bonaireans dressed in traditional Folkloric outfits. All visitors received a welcome gift as part of our appreciation for their visit to our island.

TCB’s goal is to continue to share our local secrets and inspire our visitors to immerse themselves in our culture, heritage and way of life. TCB looks forward in welcoming our visitors during the month of September, celebrating their arrival and our authentic Bonaire experience. All arriving passengers on Saturday between 1-5 pm will experience our warm welcome.