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Bonaire was represented at the Seatrade Convention

This year the Seatrade Convention took place in Ft Lauderdale. Bonaire was represented by Maurice Adriaens General Manager and Xenah Cicilia Cruise operations coordinator for Toursim Corporation Bonaire. The delegation attended various meetings with cruise executives to discuss the product Bonaire, these meetings were very productive, seeing that the remarks that they had were mostly positive. Bonaire scored very high with Royal Caribbean cruise lines in all the aspects as well with Princess cruises. We do have some aspects we should pay attention to; like having more variations of tours and activities for the cruise tourists for instance adding more water based activities for their customers and very urgently add more beaches with facilities to accommodate more tourist and prevent beach conjestion.

With the latest growth of our cruise visitors, Bonaire needs to start focusing on the product Bonaire. TCB has worked hard in achieving this growth of visiting cruise ships, however we want to be able to accommodate these visitors as well, we want them to spend more and we want them to come back. We want to achieve all of this while still protecting our nature. It is very important that we give them the ultimate island experience without compromising our nature to assure we will be able to continue to offer an authentic Bonaire as a product.

Bonaire will host the largest amount of cruise visitors ever in 2019, we have to be prepared to give all of our visitors the best experience on our island; TCB will continue to work on the development of the product Bonaire.

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