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During the first week of November, a Bonaire delegation comprised of Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire and Candice Adams Kimmel, representative for the Tourism Corporation Bonaire North America visited the three U.S. legacy carriers, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

Purpose of the trip was to review Bonaire’s performance with the current service levels from our originating gateway cities and key flow markets as well as to determine the potential to add future service and /or capacity based on the new hotel room inventory coming online in 2018.

“We were gratified by the response from all airlines,” commented Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Delta Air Lines and United Airlines were both very pleased with Bonaire’s performance and have committed to continuously monitor for opportunities to upgauge the aircraft size based on demand, especially over the upcoming holiday periods. At American Airlines, discussions centered on working together as partners, with the carrier noting that when the decision is made to dedicate a plane to a specific route, the assumption is that the flight will be a success.”