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Bonaire Room Inventory Study 2021/2022

As part of the 2022 planning, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) conducted a room inventory analysis to better understand the upcoming changes in the accommodation sector and the room capacity available. According to Miles Mercera, CEO TCB "is it important to conduct these types of studies to better understand the market and its developments. We are on the verge of welcoming additional weekly flights out of our main source market USA and are seeing an increase in future employment opportunities for our people and it is with these types of studies that we can better anticipate and prepare for the future."

TCB has recently identified the areas of DATA management projects that will be executed in the next couple of weeks which will include hotel performance, visitors experience data and more.

The overview of the room inventory study includes data and participation of our hotels, apartments, villas and real estate rentals. The results of this study show that Bonaire currently has a total of 2,182 available rooms. The total number of rooms for 2019 were 1,749. In 2020 there was a total increase of 433 rooms. TCB anticipates that for 2021/2022 there will be a total room inventory increase of 715 rooms which will result in a total of  2,897 rooms by the end of 2022.  

The increase of additional rooms are a combination of existing properties with new additions or expansion projects such as Delfins Beach Resort, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Captain Don’s Habitat, Resort Bonaire, Grand Windsock and/or condo developments, but also includes new additions such as Bloozz Resort Bonaire, Time to Smile Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort and Sunset Beach Resort.

TCB will also continue its efforts for human capital development as TCB anticipates an increase in employment opportunities for the local population. With the scheduled growth of our room inventory we expect a minimum of an additional 1000 jobs being created in our tourism industry. This is excluding the indirect employment opportunities. TCB will be focusing on a variety of human capital development initiatives in the future to attract and inspire Bonaire’s local talent to be part of the employment opportunities to come.