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Bonaire Named Top Island to Visit in 2021 by Caribbean Journal

Caribbean Journal named Bonaire its number one pick on its ‘Top 21 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2021’ this week, recognizing Bonaire as more than just a marine destination, but one with an established gastronomic scene, a growing collection of high-end hotel product, and an inviting personality. Additionally, Bonaire’s Brass Boer was named the number one restaurant in the digital publication’s 2021 list of the Caribbean's 50 Best Restaurants, while Delfins Beach Resort was among the year’s ‘10 Coolest Caribbean Hotels’.

‘‘We are thrilled that Bonaire is being recognized by Caribbean Journal as one of the best Caribbean destinations to visit,” said Mrs. Derchlien Vrolijk, Marketing Manager of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Tourism Corporation Bonaire recently made steps to increase our marketing efforts and media attention in North America. We’ve brought on an American public relations firm as part of a comprehensive recovery plan designed to ensure Bonaire’s tourism bounces back quickly and better than ever following 2020.”

Caribbean Journal is a leading digital publication covering travel, tourism, luxury hotels, resorts and real estate in the wider Caribbean region. With an audience of frequent travelers to the Caribbean, along with investors and business people, Caribbean Journal is a vital resource for people who are passionate about the Caribbean.