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Tuesday November 19 at Sentro di Bario Ambiona, Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) together with Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organized for the 10th year the “Christmas Holiday Gift Project”, the theme this year was Children's right. Stichting Project Forsa together with the schools selected the kids to take part in this event.

Mrs. Chelendra from FORSA welcomed all the kids and thanked the representatives of Celebrity Cruises Silhouette and TCB for this great initiative of this project and also thanked for the trust given to Stichting Project for organizing this event, in this way we can make more than 100 kids happy with a gift.

Derchlien Vrolijk Marketing Manager of TCB also gave a speech together with the Cruise Association FCCA we welcome you all to the 10th year celebration together with our kids. We welcome the delegation of Celebrity Silhouette that this year was in charge of the celebration of the ‘Holiday Gift Event’. This year the theme is Children's Right, TCB stands firm in this and believes that us as adults have the job to guide and protect our kids since they are the future. For them to grow up healthy and receive the best education at home, at school and other places like Stichting Project. Miss Tourism Bonaire Rayshantaly Coffie was also present and spoke to the kids and wished them the best in school since they are our future.  

TCB, FCCA and the delegation of Celebrity Silhouette wants to thank and express their gratitude to the team of Stichting Project for their great work and dedication to our kids.

A special thank you goes to all the volunteers and sponsors that cooperated with this project, especially to Stichting Project FORSA, Rento Fun Mr. Orlando Francisca and TCB.