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Adopt a Coral

TCB Europe

The Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) has just launched Bonaire’s first ‘Adopt a Coral’ programme. This programme was developed to draw greater attention to the financial funding needed to raise a full-grown coral nursery tree. Visitors now have the chance to contribute by adopting a coral tree with their own (company) name on it. All funds raised will go directly to the Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire and thus support the efforts to restore the island’s coral reefs. People adopting a coral tree for a total amount of US$500 will receive the following benefits:
-    Certificate of appreciation
-    Thank you letter for donation
-    UW tree tag with donor’s name on it (for two years )
-    Digital images of the adopted coral tree with the rights to use them for marketing purposes

So far, CRF Bonaire has transplanted nearly 4,000 corals to five different restoration sites on the island and has reached a total nursery capacity of more than 7,000 corals. CRF Bonaire strongly believes that community involvement is a key to the success of this project.