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Local Recipes

Local Cuisine

Make these local recipes and share them with us!

Tradition is an important part of people's culture and Bonaire is an island with many traditions!

Today's world is becoming so modern that the old ways are difficult to maintain in many societies.

The making and sharing of local foods is one of the best ways to bring families together and to welcome others into friendships. Mothers pass down recipes from generation to generation. Friendships form bonds that last forever just like water and maize flour bond to make funchi, our most traditional staple. So let us bond together for a scrumptious meal together sampling some of our traditional recipes of our past!

  • Balchi di Piska (Fish Cakes)

    These delectable fish balls can also be made with salmon or fish fillets. Substitute one large can of salmon or one pound any white fish for the cod.

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  • Funchi (Cornmeal Mush)

    Funchi, the Antillean staple, is a simple cornmeal preparation.

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  • Kesío (Caramel Custard)

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  • Krioyo Sauce

    Make this sauce to serve with the "balchi di piska".

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  • Tutu

    Tutu is a mix of funchi (polenta) and black eyed peas. Tutu is usually accompanied with fish, (meat) stews, or on its own.

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