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Health & Safety Information

The COVID-19 Virus is putting our world through unprecedented times. Each day seems to present new challenges that we must overcome together. Bonaire is working hard to navigate these uncharted waters in order to ensure that every person on our beautiful island is safe and healthy. We are implementing all necessary safety precautions and protocols in order to welcome our first guests soon.

While the world is changing around us to adapt to the challenges that COVID-19 presents, there are some things on Bonaire that remained the same, such as our dedication to protecting nature. We continue our practices to protect our coral reefs, beaches, marine and land wildlife. Bonaire will continue to be a world leader in sustainable growth as we champion being the world’s first Blue Destination. Becoming a Blue Destination is aligned with Bonaire's culture, history, and the heritage of people who have embraced and protected the ocean. Bonaire’s beauty awaits you. Stay safe and healthy! We hope to see you soon on Bonaire!

Bonaire Travel Safety Regulations

Click here for the Bonaire Protocol for visiting guests.

Click on a partners name to read their Health & Safety Protocol:

Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA)
Bonaire International Airport (BIA)
Buddy Dive Resort
Coral Casino Bonaire
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort
Divi Flamingo Casino
Fundashon Mariadal (Hospital)

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