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Blue Destination

Bonaire has always been a worldwide leader in recognizing the important aspects and developments of sustainability as well as sustainable economic growth opportunities. Bonaire was the first Caribbean island to have a protected marine park, with protection of nature as a cornerstone of our sustainable tourism policies; the island’s economic development plan is built on sustainability and 40% of the island uses clean energy. Bonaire’s recognition of the importance of its water resources even extends to its flag, where the blue represents the pure waters. Becoming a Blue Destination is aligned with Bonaire’s culture, history and the heritage of people who have embraced and protected the ocean for their livelihood.

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Blue Destination Certification Program

The main reason for this certification process is the desire to give companies and organizations an active role in the implementation of Bonaire's vision as a Blue Destination. Taking into account the three pillars that identify Blue Destination, namely nature, culture and economy, the Blue Destination Board of Directors, together with the Green Destinations team, has identified 10 themes consisting of different criteria. The themes include: social welfare and local employment, safety and health, energy and climate, waste, water, nature, environment and cultural heritage. Through this certification, the companies making efforts in the field of sustainability are recognized for their visible commitment, which is appreciated by both residents and visitors to our island.

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The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Green Destinations partnered to begin a "Virus Aware Pilot" certification in the BES islands. The certification is granted to companies that have taken appropriate precautions against the transmission of viruses in order to ensure the safety of their visitors and for their employees. To be part of the "Virus Aware Pilot", companies must sign up for the Blue Destination certification. Companies that do not meet all criteria to enter for the Blue Destination certification may still receive the "Virus Aware" certification if they meet the specific criteria for the "Virus Aware Seal". For further information about the "Virus Aware Seal" please visit

Here is the current list of certified companies/organizations: