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You don't have to dive to enjoy the underwater world of Bonaire! Snorkeling allows visitors to get a broad view of the coral reef with its many inhabitants. In a few meters of depth, chances are you can spot turtles, rays or even a seahorse.

Just like the dive sites, many of Bonaire's snorkel sites are marked by yellow stones. You will see them on the roadside along the coastline. Each name carries the name of the particular snorkel site and marks a convenient entry point.

All users of Bonairean waters are required to purchase a nature tag. The cost is $45 for divers and $25 for all others. Participation will help in the preservation and protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park.

On Bonaire, there are several professional snorkel operators who can show you the best snorkel spots. 

Snorkeling Operators