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Getting Around

Car Rentals

Bonaire is fortunate to have a wide choice of well known, reliable car rental agencies. Even though we are relatively small in size, a car will help you to maximize your vacation. Since we are known as the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, the most popular rental vehicle is the double cabin pick-up truck. You are well advised to secure a reservation in advance, especially around holiday periods. Most agencies do have a minimum age requirement of 23-25 years. You will need to have a credit card and a valid driving license. Almost all of the cars are standard shift, so if an automatic is needed, please make your reservations early. Visitors will find the rental vehicles to be late models and in top shape. If you intend to tour the national park, be advised that a jeep type vehicle or pick-up with a high ground clearance is required.

Motorcycle, Scooter, Golf Cart and Bicycle Rentals

Not everyone who visits the island rents a car. The best thing next to walking is to rent a scooter, a golf cart or one of the quads. A number of shops now offer the chance to feel the breeze blow through your hair while on board one of these “open air” vehicles. The same rules that apply for car rentals also apply to these motorized forms of transport. For the real freedom lovers, Harley Davidson’s are lined up awaiting new riders! Remember, a license and credit card will need to be shown. For the real adventurers, a number of bike rental shops are on hand to rent everything from sedate touring bikes to rugged mountain models that are sure to challenge anyone interested in navigating the miles of marked bike trails. If you are interested in renting one of the alternative vehicles, check out the web sites and make a reservation well in advance.

Transportation & Taxi

Renting a vehicle on Bonaire is the popular means of island transportation. There are various rental agencies on the island. Transportation providers offer cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and other “specialty” vehicles. Driving is on the right side of the road and follows international road signs. Drivers are urged to use caution when driving and obey speed limits. The speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour outside urban areas and 40 kilometers per hour inside urban areas. Be cautious of Bonaire’s animals, such as donkeys and goats, on the roadway. Cars share the road with pedestrians and cyclists. You can always reach a taxi by calling: +599 717 8100

Water Taxi

Water taxis are available to visit Klein Bonaire. There are various providers and various departure times. For more information you can check the following.

Getting Around Operators

Car Rental

Motorcycle, Scooter, Golf Cart and Bicycle Rentals

Water Taxi