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Jun. 22 | ENNIA joins TCB to further enhance the Bario Festival activities

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recently welcomed ENNIA as an official partner of TCB's Bario Festival program. As part of the Strategic Tourism Master

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Jun. 16 | Bonaire introduces a FAQ page for the Visitor Entry Tax

As of July 1st, 2022, all non-residents and visitors to Bonaire are required to pay the Visitor Entry Tax;

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Jun. 13 | TCB successfully organized its first Taste of Bonaire

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organized last Saturday its first Taste of Bonaire for this year after the pandemic.

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Jun. 09 | TCB welcomes media partners and top American Airlines Travel Agents

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is excited to welcome different media partners (press and bloggers) from North America and the Netherlands to experience

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Jun. 08 | TCB organizes Visitors Entry Tax Stakeholder Session

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is organizing its first Visitors Entry Tax (VET) Stakeholder Session as part of the communication strategy to inform

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Jun. 07 | Youp Schmit won the number one spot at the biggest promotion event

Between May 26-29, 2022, our local windsurfer Youp Schmit participated at the event at the famous German surf spot "Sudstrand" beach in Fehmarn, Germany.

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Jun. 06 | TCB recently welcomed Caribbean Yoga Revival

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recently welcomed Caribbean Yoga Revival.

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Jun. 03 | TCB signs Cooperation Agreement with FORMA

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is proud to announce that on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022; a Cooperation Agreement with Fundashon Formashon pa Mañan (FORMA)

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Jun. 02 | TCB invites local bartenders to sign up for the Cocktail Challenge

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) together with Caribbean Journal are organizing the first Bonaire Rum Week taking place June 14-17, 2022;

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Jun. 01 | Tourism Corporation Bonaire recognizes 7 people as Bonaire ambassadors

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recently recognized 7 visitors from the United States as Bonaire ambassadors in the bronze, silver and gold categories.

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