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Bonaire Ambassadors

Tourism Corporation Bonaire recognizes all visitors that have been coming to Bonaire year after year. Bonaire’s tourism consists of 40% return visitors. Therefore the importance of letting our return visitors know how special they are to Bonaire and that with this recognition they become official Ambassadors.

We look forward that our Ambassadors share the warmth and hospitability they have found here on Bonaire with their friends and family by bringing them along on their next vacation to Bonaire!


  • Tourist must be staying at a hotel/apartment/villa/private home
  • Tourist must visit our island consecutively to be recognized
  • The form is mandatory to be filled out in order to apply for the medal/discount card
  • The medal/discount card will be handed out on island by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire
  • Bronze medal: 10 - 14 years
  • Silver medal: 15 - 19 years
  • Gold medal: 20+ years
  • Platinum medal: 30+ years

Are you a Bonaire Ambassador? Please fill out the form.