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About Dining

Dining on Bonaire is truly an international experience.

Award winning chefs delight in creating traditional fare by adding Caribbean flavors.

The cuisine of myriad ethnicities is represented. They include Dutch, Colombian, Chinese, Italian, Surinam, Indonesian, French, German and more. Delicious kuminda krioyo (local food) consisting of different types of stews, fresh fish, funchi, rice and more is also available. In addition to great foods, most restaurants offer full bars with wine offerings from all over the world. Homemade desserts are found in restaurants and different bakeries around Bonaire.

Locally Grown

For the most part, Bonaire relies on imports for its food. One exception is goat. Goat soups and stews are favorites among locals and visitors alike. Small harvests of locally grown sorghum (Maishi Chiki) are used for pancakes and porridge at the growing season's end.

Bonaire is home to a few fruits which, although water intensive, are grown on a small scale. Soursap, limes, mangoes and a local variety of cherry (shimaruku), and a small brown fruit called mispel are cultivated. Not that many years ago, there was a thriving watermelon business! It was too water intensive to be profitable.

The sea gives sustenance with an abundant supply of fish. Another edible is the iguana, eaten in soups or stews, it is high in protein and is thought to have other more dubious benefits!


Bonaire offers award winning cuisine with a multitude of nationalities, tastes and styles represented. Just imagine eating exotic cuisine on one of our beaches! This is what Bonaire is all about, providing that intimate experience found nowhere else.


Bonaire's bakeries offer some of the best homemade goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth. Fresh baked breads warm from the oven make excellent accompaniments to any meal.

Two of the larger grocery stores have small bakery areas and prepare fresh breads and sweets daily. Additionally, some establishments specialize in tantalizing sweets and fresh baked breads.


Ice cream is the perfect accessory to Bonaire's Caribbean sunshine and climate. Traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry are generally available. Want to taste a new flavor with some Caribbean flair? Try Ponche Crema, Rum Raisin, or delicious mango sorbet.

Ice cream and ice cream novelties can be found at various shops and restaurants. Some restaurants even make it homemade.

Local Cuisine

Tradition is an important part of people's culture and Bonaire is an island with many traditions!
Today's world is becoming so modern that the old ways are difficult to maintain in many societies.
The making and sharing of local foods is one of the best ways to bring families together and to welcome others into friendships. Mothers pass down recipes from generation to generation. Friendships form bonds that last forever just like water and maize flour bond to make funchi, our most traditional staple. So let us bond together for a scrumptious meal together sampling some of our traditional recipes of our past!

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