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Bonaire Sightseeing

  • Aletta's Goat Farm

    Aletta's Semper Kontentu Goat Cheese, Goat Yoghurt and Goat Milk are traditionally handmade on the i...

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  • Brandaris

    The Brandaris is the highest peak on Bonaire, 241m (784 ft.) high, situated in the Washington Slagba...

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  • Caves

    There are many cave formations found on Bonaire. Several are readily accessible while others lie hid...

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  • Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

    In 1993 Dutch Nationals, Marina Melis and her husband Ed Koopman, established a donkey sanctuary on ...

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  • Downtown Kralendijk

    Kralendijk is the capital city and main port of the island of Bonaire. In Dutch, Koralendijk (of whi...

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  • Gotomeer

    Gotomeer is a saltwater lagoon near the island's northern end and it is a flamingo hangout. Bonaire ...

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  • Klein Bonaire

    Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island located just off the coast of Bonaire. It is about half ...

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  • Lac

    Lac, part of the Bonaire National Marine Park, is the biggest lagoon of the ABC Islands, 700 hectare...

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  • Mangazina di Rei

    High on a hill in a beautiful and timeless setting you can find a large solitary white building abov...

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  • Mangroves

    Mangroves are nature's way of building land mass. On Bonaire, the mangrove area at Lac, for generati...

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  • Marine Park

    Bonaire has a long history of marine preservation, beginning with turtle protection in 1961, prohibi...

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  • Onima Indian Inscriptions

    Small signposts direct the way to the Indian inscriptions found on a 3-foot limestone ledge that jut...

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  • Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary

    The Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary is one of only four areas in the world where Flamingos breed. Pekel...

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  • Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park

    Owner Ellen Cochrane-Herrera restored her family's homestead north of Lac Bay, in the Bonairean kadu...

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  • Salt pans

    Historically, salt as a commodity was the root of war and struggles amid European factions. The eve...

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  • Seru Largu

    Take a drive to Seru Largu and witness the beauty of Bonaire from this lovely lookout point. Seru La...

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  • Slave huts & Obelisks

    These huts were constructed in 1850 during the slavery time, and served as camping facilities for sl...

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  • The Cadushy Distillery

    In our traditional distillery of Cadushy you can see how the world's only liqueur made from cactus i...

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  • Washington Slagbaai National Park

    The Washington Slagbaai National Park is located in the northern end of Bonaire. It comprises of two...

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