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Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (RBTT), Antilles Banking Corporation Bonaire, Banco di Caribe, Giro Bank, Orco Bank, Island Finance and Maduro & Curiel's Bank are here to serve you. Banking hours are Monday through Friday from 8 or 8:30 AM to 3:30 or 4:00 PM. MCB is saturday open from 10 AM to 3 PM at the airport.


As of 1 January 2011, the US dollar became the official currency of the BES Islands. Only dollars are dispensed at bank ATMs and counters.

The guilder is no longer accepted as payment for any transactions.  Guilders may be changed at banks and foreign currency exchange charges will apply.  The Guilder is still accepted on Curacao.


Drinking Water:
Bonaire's seawater is distilled and purified to become one of the purest drinking waters in the world. Bottled water is available.

127/120 volts, 50AC. adapter are available in the hotels. Most U.S. appliances will work on Bonaire, though slowly. Many dive shops have adapters for charging lights, strobes or delicate equipment.

Hyperbaric/Recompression Chamber:
For diving emergencies, Bonaire has a Hyperbaric Chamber located behind the Centro Medico Office which is accross the street from the San Francisco Hospital.

Medical Facilities:
San Francisco Hospital has 60 beds and is fully equipped to respond to any emergency. Bonaire has its own recompression chamber, with trained medical personnel, on call 24 hours a day. There are a number of medical doctors on the island and air ambulance service is available.

Passports & Immigration:
Citizens from most countries do not need a visa to enter Bonaire.  U.S. and Canadian citizens need a passport. All others also require a valid passport. A return or continuing ticket is also required along with sufficient means to support yourself during your stay. Maximum stay: 14 days with the possibility of extending the visit to 90 days. All others refer to the Embassy. *New regulations are now in effect - Check US Department of State for more information.

For specifics contact Bonaire Immigration, US dial: 011 (599) 717 6880.

Personal Safety:
Bonaire has a reputation for being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, however visitors should take normal precautions and keep personal property secure.  Hotels have safes, etc. to store passports, tickets, etc.

14,000 +-

Shopping Hours:
Monday through Saturday 8:00AM to noon and 2:00PM-6:00PM.  Some shops stay open through lunch hour. 

Tickets purchased after October 1, 2010 have departure tax included in ticket price. A hotel tax of US$5.50 to $6.50 per person per night. Car rentals are taxed at US$3.25 per day. There is also a 5% tax on car rentals, meals, services and general purchases.

Calling the U.S. is easy from Bonaire. Most hotels offer USA Direct calling service.  Prepaid phone cards are widely available as are cell phone rentals.  Many US and European phones are compatible with the local providers. 


Most accomodations have access to Cable TV. They offer an assortment of popular stations. Bonaire has the NTSC system.

Time Zone:
Atlantic Standard Time (AST), one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and the same as Eastern Daylight Time.

Same as in the US -- 10-15% depending on the service. Some restaurants will automatically add the gratuity. For Taxi drivers 10% of the fare is the general rule. 


Visas are required from the following:  Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbeidzjan, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroen, Cape Verdia, Central African, Rep. China (Hong Kong SAR and BNO holders excluded), Colombia, Comores, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Democrat Republic, Cote d’Iviore, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jemen, Jordania, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirgizia, Kiribati, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Libanon, Liberia, Libia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Salomon Islands, Sao Tome & Principal, Saudi-Arabia, Seychelles, Senegal, Servia & Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Soedan, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Syria, Tadzjikistan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand,Turkmenistan, Togo, Tonga, Tsjaad, Tunesia, Turkey, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, Vietnam, West-Samao, Yugoslavia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Airport Parking Rates:

As of February 8th 2011, the Flamingo Airport stipulated the following parking rates:

-0,50 US Dollar cents for the first half hour.

-0,50 US Dollar cents for the second half hour.

After this hour, 1 US Dollar per hour is charged.

For Short parking stays a maximum of 12 US Dollars is charged for a total of 24 hours.

For  longer period stays a total of 6 US Dollars is charged for a period of 24 hours.

Note: First 5 minutes of parking/drop off/pick are FREE.


All Parking ticket can be paid from the two machines located in the Airport. These machines only accept quarters, 1, 5, 10, 20 US dollars. Additionally these machines only accept 10 US Dollars only when the total to be paid exceeds 5 US dollars. 20 dollar bills are accepted when the minimum to be paid is 10 dollars.



Seminar Fish ID in July and August

Do you want to participate in the Sixth Annual Fish ID Challenge? This event... Read more

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