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Smile, Bonaire ta dushi!
I am Paulina Rodriguez and I work for Cargill Salt Bonaire BV  for over 28 years. Most people on Bonaire know me as “Mama Smile”, the face representing the Tourism Awareness campaign, “Smile Boneiru ta dushi” (Smile Bonaire is wonderful), for the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).

The campaign emphasizes Bonaire’s hospitality, one of my favorite things about the Island. I also like the nice climate, the serenity and the safety. Let’s not forget the diving, the nature and the flamingos. Being born and raised a Bonairean, it is quite an honor to fulfil this role. Between working at Cargill, and being “Mama Smile”, I always try to find a moment to read, take a swim or go for a nature walk. Every now and then I dive, too.

Route to the South
I especially like the drive to the south end of Bonaire; I travel this route to work each day. I also like Washington-Slagbaai National Park very much and love Sorobon Beach. I think Lac is a very special place, as well.

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean


Bon Bini na Boneiru! Welcome to Bonaire! The island lies 30 miles from Curacao, 50 miles north of Venezuela, 86 miles east of Aruba, outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt. Bonaire, 24 miles...


One of the charms of Bonaire living is the island’s size.  Being small, everything is accessible making it easy to enjoy the island’s treasures.  Yet, the island is still...


Investing in a foreign country can be a bit daunting; however, Bonaire’s climate for both private and businesses sectors has always been secure.  If you are thinking of purchasing a...

Multimedia Gallery

In this gallery you will find pictures of Bonaire including its people, culture, landscapes, and much more! It is noteworthy that most of these pictures were taken by people just like you, who...


Bonaire is known for its love for nature. It has become a tradition for many generations to understand the importance of nature and the unique position Bonaire has to conserve it. With this...


Since Bonaire has a long history of reef conservation, it is an ideal place for marine biologists to conduct research programs. Not only is the research confined to the sea, there are other...


Tourism Corporation Bonaire has a variety of printed material. Brochures about Bonaire in general, but also dive site maps, maps of Bonaire and Kralendijk and more. To receive them, just send us...

Bonaire ambassadors

Tourism Corporation Bonaire is recognizing visitors that have been coming to Bonaire year after year. We want to let them know how special they are to us and that with this recognition we...

Cruise Tourism

Bon Bini!   On this page you will find the most Frequently asked question and answers by visitors during a visit to Bonaire by cruise ship! Bonaire is known for its nature...

Sustainable Bonaire

So many buzz words seem to be circulating these days when it comes to the environment; sustainable, carbon neutral, carbon footprint, balanced, offset, greenhouse emissions, eco-tourism,...

Houses of Worship

  Churches, Mosques and Synagogues  Religion plays and important part in the lives of Bonaire residents.  We are a mixture of many cultures and persuasions. ...



Seminar Fish ID in July and August

Do you want to participate in the Sixth Annual Fish ID Challenge? This event... Read more

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