Kon Ta Bai?

George Thode - Chief Ranger Washington Slagbaai National Park

History and Culture
I’m George Thode, but on Bonaire, I am better known as George Cultura. I am always learning about Bonaire’s history. This is how I got my nickname “Cultura”, meaning culture. I enjoy the culture and the local music of my Island very much.

Washington-Slagbaai National Park
I have worked as a Chief Ranger in the Washington Slagbaai National Park for over 26 years. The park covers an area of 6,000 hectares where you can find lots of cacti, inlets and hills. It’s the habitat of iguanas, lizards and lot’s of birds. You even have a chance of spotting the Lora here. This bird is a little bigger than a parakeet and is an endangered species, that’s why the Lora is protected on Bonaire. Loras live off the fruits and seeds from the trees and cacti in the park.

In Honor of Bonaire
I grew up together with the National Park. I have even tattooed a map of the Island and the park on my hand and belly. Naturally, Washington-Slagbaai is one of my favorite spots on the island, but not the only one! I also love to go to Gotolake, a perfect place to spot flamingos. I also like Lac Bay very much. I love the serenity on the island, its norms and values.

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