Kon Ta Bai?

Soekarsi Phelipa - Policy-advisor for work permits

Bonaire is still unhurried and unspoiled
I am Soekarsi Phelipa and am a policy-advisor for work permits at DEZA, Department of Economic Affairs and Labor Office. I offer advice and assistance for all the work permit petitions submitted on Bonaire. I have worked here for more than five years now, after returning from Holland where I lived for more than 10 years.

I was born on Curacao and I came home to Bonaire when I was just two weeks old. I have called Bonaire my home all my life.
I enjoy playing tennis and have played tennis in Bonaire since I was six years old. From 16 to 18 years old, I was the Bonaire Champion. I represented the Island in the Netherlands Antilles Selection. I also helped to restart the JCI organization (The Junior Chamber International) here in Bonaire, in 2003. I still am an active member. I also like to swim.

My favorite places in Bonaire...
Bonaire has too many nice spots to mention just three. Bonaire is still unhurried and unspoiled and I feel fairly secure here compared to the other islands.

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