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Bonaire’s cruise tourism is growing rapidly. Providing employment opportunities for hundreds of locals. Cruise tourism and makes a significant contribution to the economic development of Bonaire. It contributes with regional growth by diversification, job opportunity, encourages cultural exchange, foreign earnings and strengthening of intercultural understanding and tolerance for both the visitors and the local community. It supports integrity of local cultures by integrating within the cultural aspects. The cruise passengers are granted an opportunity to experience the island as a visitor and should be encouraged to return and become our friend.


Every person that will be working in the cruise area must be registered through the website. Must submit the necessary information. Once the information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The documents will be reviewed by the cruise task force and you will receive a confirmation through each respective association.

Cruise Area

BEA: Register Here

TAXI / AB: Register Here

BACA: Register Here

Tour Operators Certification: Register Here

Cruise Schedule: 2017-2018

Rules & Regulations: Open File

Tour Guide Statistics

Cruise lines keep monthly scores on each port; this is an indication on how the visitors have perceived the island.

The Dutch Caribbean in figures 2015
The Dutch Caribbean in figures 2016

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Cruise schedule changes
Oct. 02

Because of the current situations in the region after the devastation caused by the hurricanes, there has been many changes in the cruise schedules.

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